COVID-19 safety

What is Forma doing to help keep Hibiscus Study™ participants safe during the pandemic?

Forma Therapeutics is providing all sites with an option to access the following services for Hibiscus Study participants, including:

  • Home health visits.
  • Telemedicine visits.
  • Drug courier services.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE).

In addition to these study-specific services, the research sites also have local safety measures in place to keep participants and site staff safe. These may include sanitizing and cleaning protocols, COVID-19 testing requirements, social distancing, facial covering requirements, and capacity limitations. Contact your study team to learn about local procedures in place to help keep you safe.

Home health visits may be offered to support participants with travel restrictions and to reduce the need for face-to-face interactions outside the home for study-related visits. By utilizing this service, participants can have medical professionals come to their home for approved study-related visits. Ask your study team if they are utilizing home health visits – if so, ask which visits qualify for this service and how to use it.

Telemedicine visits may be offered to allow for virtual visits from the comforts of home. Study procedures (such as lab collections) cannot be completed via a telemedicine visit, but telemedicine visits may be used to connect with your study team throughout the study. For example, a participant may be able to video chat with the study team during some of their visits. Ask your study team if they are utilizing telemedicine visits – if so, ask which visits qualify for this service and how to use it.

Drug courier services may be available so that the investigational medication can be delivered to a participant’s home.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be offered to research sites to help keep research staff and study participants safe during on-site visits. Ask your study team what PPE is available for your use.

Additional services for enrolled participants:

Transportation services may be available for study participants who need assistance traveling to and from study visits at the research site. These services are at no cost. Ask your study team how to schedule no-cost transportation for your on-site study visits.